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Whether you’re in need of some extra money for unexpected expenses and home repairs, or you’re trying to consolidate debt, give our simple loan calculator a try and discover the Perch loan for your life.

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Other loan amounts may be available.

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Loans subject to approval. In Mississippi, loan terms are available up to 12 months. Actual loan terms and payments will be disclosed in your loan agreement.

We're Perch Loans, a new type of online lender that'll help give your personal finances the lift they need.

Ability to earn higher amounts with Perch Loans

Ability to earn higher amounts and lower rates on future loans.

Better Rates and Longer Terms from Perch

Better rates and longer terms than many short-term loans.

Instant approval decision loans from Perch

Apply in minutes.
Instant approval decision.
Same-day funding.*

Guaranteed money back from Perch Loans

Money back guarantee -- if you change your mind within 3 business days, repay the principal with no fees.

Flexibility to Push a Payment with Perch Loans

Flexibility to push a payment with no additional interest.**

*Approvals before 10:30 AM ET (M-F) are typically funded to your bank account by 5 PM ET same-day. Approvals after 10:30 AM ET are typically funded the morning of the next banking day.

**Once per loan term; restrictions apply.

Loan Calculator FAQs

How do you calculate payments?

Our simple loan calculator tool predicts how much your loan payment will be by taking into account the following information:

  • The amount of the loan
  • The term or length of the loan (meaning how long you have to pay it back)
  • The interest rate of the loan

Once you input the loan amount needed and your pay cycle, our calculator will do all of the work to determine your estimated payment. Additional factors will influence the exact loan payment amount and details—but we’ll provide you with all the information before you sign anything.

Why should I use a loan calculator?

The loan calculator helps estimate your loan payments so that you can better plan your expenses and determine how an installment loan helps meet your needs and fits your budget.

Does Perch Loans check my credit score?

Perch Loans will pull your credit report during the application process. But, don't worry, your credit score is just one of the many factors we consider. While we may not be able to approve anyone, we will give a fast decision.